Fishing in Combe Martin

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 Fishing in Combe Martin

Combe Martin offers some great fishing locations ,Here at Surfside kayak hire we have compiled this small guide to help you find the fish and have a great time either Fishing from the shore or kayak fishing. Fishing in Combe Martin offers a variety of Locations and whether you are a begginer or seasoned angler there is something or somewhere to keep you busy.

 Hangman Rocks

Great spot for Kayak fishing off Combe Martin targeting large Wrasse, good size fish have been had using worm and soft lures getting the kayak close in to the rocks. Also Pollock caught with feathers topped off with mackerel. Summer gives a chance of a nice Bass too.

Wild Pear Beach

A popular Combe Martin location for kayak fishing especially in the summer months on a calm evening, when good bass can be had close in to the shore either lure or mackerel work well. The rocky shoreline located between Camels Eye and Wild Pear can only be reached on a kayak or small boat. This area has provided great sport with grey mullet. Wrasse to almost six pounds have been caught here along with conger. Bass also show here on occasions. Being a weedy and rocky mark that is rarely fished it will turn up big rockling. Just watch the pushing tide against the rocks.

Camels eye

Never fished much but that’s no reason to dismiss this area, a great location to fish close to Combe Martin beach, Grey Mullet can be caught, ground baiting works well, Conger eels are also here so heavy tackle needed to get them out of the kelp, Pollock can be had using a spinner here. Try float fishing to avoid the snags.

Combe Martin Beach

Fishing off Combe Martin beach is always worth a try especially if it`s too rough further out. Bass and flounder have both been caught inside the breakwater, try float fishing along the right hand side.

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Fishing in Combe Martin

fishing in Combe Martin

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