Kayak buyers guide

Know who you are buying from

There are many one man band sellers of kayaks particularly on eBay making fictional and sometimes dangerous claims about the kayaks they import. Most of these sellers have no real company and are just individuals bringing in the cheapest possible copies of our kayaks from China. Obviously we think you should buy a GoSea kayak, but more than that we are seriously worried by the number of sellers out there selling very low quality products with every possible corner cut to save. It seems there are plenty of sellers prepared to say anything to get the sale even if it is not true or potentially putting paddlers in danger with inappropriate advice and claims. We think their presentation speaks for itself – poor quality presentation, poor quality product. Here at GoSea we take pride in our products and service and we always do the right thing by our customers. We want to let you have some facts to help you make an informed decision when buying and next time you contact us we will still be here!

Buy smart not just cheap:

You will probably only buy a kayak once, so make sure you buy from a reputable retailer selling a reputable brand of kayak. We know this is not necessarily going to be us, but there are plenty of good retailers out there selling good kayaks, who will give you sound advice, sell you the right product for your needs and one that you will give you years of enjoyment. With GoSea you can relax with piece of mind while you are paddling because you are buying from a reputable brand and reseller. Knowing your safety has been considered at every stage means you can concentrate on enjoying your paddling experience, and should you encounter any problems you can be assured of help from our team of experts and a community of users.

Weight Capacity:

Don’t be fooled by exaggerated claims of weight capacity. A 3m kayak may still float with 140kg on board but it will generally be unstable and unsafe. All our weight limits are realistic and have passed a four stage test process carried out by experts. These figures are in place to allow you to make an informed choice, meaning you can remain safe and stable while paddling.

Quality control:

Every GoSea kayak goes through a stringent ten-point check prior to having a final quality check at the factory. Each kayak is then checked over by our team when they arrive at our depot. Our three-point check ensures you can be confident in your purchase.

Manufacture Materials:

The vast majority of sit on top kayaks are made from LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) and so are ours. There are kayaks on the market made from other materials including HDPE, from a few specialist, reputable brands, but you won’t usually find these on eBay. Anyone who claims their lower-cost sit on kayaks are made from HDPE may be ill informed or telling a lie, either way it may be best to stay clear. See our article on LLDPE V’s HDPE here http://www.gosea.co.uk/essential-info/our-materials-hdpe-vs-lldpe/#.Uo0NtuLW-rk Material Grades: There are many different grades of LLDPE plastic. The raw material grade we use for all our kayaks is the highest quality available, which resists UV damage and has excellent memory properties. It costs us nearly twice as much but it won’t let you down, so we think it’s worth it.

Material thickness:

We have seen listings on eBay with claims that the plastic thickness is as much as 7mm. The truth is, a well moulded kayak will have varying thicknesses depending on where on the hull you are looking. Thicknesses will range from 3mm to around 5.5mm max. Places where there are sharp angles may be thicker, but large, flat surfaces (the majority of the kayak) will be around 3.5mm. If the majority was 7mm there would be parts which were over 1cm thick which would make the kayak twice as heavy, which could cause buoyancy and stability problems, which in turn could put your safety at risk. So if a seller says a 3m kayak is 22 kg in weight and 7mm thick, they are either mistaken or trying to mislead you.

Fixtures and Fittings:

Many of the kayaks you see will have the fittings attached using standard rivets. We have found this can be dangerous as rivets in plastic can easily work lose meaning your rod holder or hatch can come lose leaving holes in your hull. As a result you won’t find any rivets on a GoSea kayak. All our fittings are marine grade and won’t let you down.


Hatches with liners are very rarely waterproof on any sit on kayak, no matter where you buy it from. A small amount of water may get inside your kayak. This water runs up and down inside the hull but should not affect the performance of your kayak. However, the nylon liners inside the hatch are not waterproof, so water may seep in from underneath, so it is always advised to store any valuable items in a proper waterproof bag.


Don’t be drawn-in by poor quality add on’s like fish finders, that couldn’t find a fish in a garden pond, you will probably just throw away